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Terms of use

Please review these terms and conditions carefully before using this portal


The terms of use (with the documents referred to in this document) include instructions on how to use our portal www.teleworks.sa, browsing and registration, whether as a browser or as a user.

Please read the terms of use below carefully before you start using our portal, as it applies to your use of our portal. We recommend that you print a copy of these conditions for reference if needed in the future.

By using our portal, you confirm that you accept these terms of use and agree to comply with its provisions.

If you do not agree to these terms, you are not entitled to use the portal.

Additional terms

The terms of use also include the following additional terms, which also apply to your use of the portal:

By using the portal, The privacy policy of www.teleworks.sa that provides for the terms under which we process the personal data you provide, you agree with this process and undertake that all the data you provide is correct and accurate.

Our information

www.teleworks.sa is managed by Takamol Business Services Holding. It is a company founded and operated in Saudi Arabia and has its registered office headquarters in Building B4, Granada Oasis Office Road Eastern Ring Road, Shuhada District, Riyadh, 13241 Saudi Arabia.

Changes in conditions

We have the right to modify these terms at any time by modifying this page.

Please check this page from time to time to see any new modifications that are binding on the user.

Portal modifications

We may update the content of our portal from time to time. Please note that any part of the content may become obsolete at any time, and we are not obliged to update it at all.

We do not guarantee that our portal or any part of its contents will be free of error or omission.

Account and password

As part of our security procedures, login information – username, password and any other information – that will be provided to you after you have created a user account is treated with complete confidentiality and non-disclosure to a third party.

The privacy of access, as you are asked to enter additional information (such as address) you undertake that all the information entered is correct and agree to update it and check its accuracy.

We have the authority to disable any user account or password, whether selected by you or allocated to you by us, at any time, when we see that you have failed to comply with one of the terms and conditions of use. In case you suspect that someone else is aware of your user account or password, you should inform us immediately at support@teleworks.sa


You are required to provide us with a copy of your ID (shown below) to verify your identity as required by the terms of use. This information given and any information about you we obtain from the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Labor or any other government entity will be subject to the privacy policy and will only be used to verify your identity.

Accepted ID filetype:

National ID card*

If you do not have an ID that meets the above requirements, you will not be able to benefit from some of our services.

False IDs will never be accepted.

Access to our portal

We do not guarantee the continuity and availability of our portal or part of its content. Your use of our portal is temporary, as we may suspend, block, stop or change all or part of our portal without prior notice. We disclaim our responsibility not to make our portal available for any reason at any time.

The user is responsible for all necessary access procedures on the portal.

The user is responsible for ensuring that all users of the portal are informed and complied with their Internet connection with the terms of use and other applicable provisions.

Our portal is designed for use within Saudi Arabia and we do not guarantee the availability of our content elsewhere. We have the right to limit the provision of our portal and to codify its services for anyone at any time. The user is responsible for entering our portal from outside Saudi Arabia.

Intellectual property rights

We own all the intellectual property rights of our portal, and all the material published in is protected by copyright laws and international treaties, and all these rights are reserved.

You may use all that is not explicitly stated of the texts, videos, photos and educational materials provided on our portal. Some reference documents, digital books, articles and other information are used with the permission of other parties to be subject to specific rules and conditions that are published with such information. By using our portal, you agree to abide by all these rules and conditions and to retain all copyrights and other notices in any content you obtain from our portal. All rights and content of our portal are reserved, unless they are expressly granted.

You have the right to print one copy and download parts/quotes from the content of our portal for your personal use and share that content with other people in your facility.

You are not entitled to modify paper or digital copies of any material you have printed or downloaded in any way, and you may not use any illustrations, photographs, a series of visual, audio or other graphics.

Permanent recognition of our status (and recognition of authorized participants) as authors of the content of our portal.

You do not have the right to use any part of our content for commercial purposes without permission to do so from us or our representatives.

If you print, copy or download any part of our portal in breach of the terms of use, your right to use our portal will be suspended immediately. You will be obliged to return or destroy the material you have copied.

Do not rely on information

The information available on our portal is just general and not specialized. You must obtain professional or specialized advice before making or retracting any decision based on the content of our portal.

Despite efforts to update our portal information, we do not explicitly or implicitly warrant the accuracy, modernity and completeness of our portal’s content.

We do not warrant that the content of our portal will meet your needs or expectations and do not guarantee the accuracy, perfection, quality, content or continuity of our portal.

The limits of our responsibility

There is no doubt in these terms and conditions that we have dropped or limit our legal responsibility for death or personal injury resulting from negligence, fraud, misinformation or any other liability that cannot be dropped or restricted by the existence of Saudi law.

We do not give or offer any terms, guarantees, undertakings or other provisions that may apply to our portal or any of its contents, whether expressor or implied.

We are not responsible for confronting any user for any loss or damage, whether contractually or negligently (including negligence), breach of legal duty or otherwise, even if it is anticipated and arising under or in connection with:

  1. Use our portal or not be able to use it.
  2. Use or rely on the content of our portal.

We will not tolerate any loss or damage caused by viruses, denial-of-service attacks or other harmful substances that may affect your computer, its software, or other data and materials you obtain while you use our portal or post any content through it, or on linked portals.

Nor will we be responsible for the content of the portals associated with our portal, and such links should not be interpreted as being supported by us. We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by your browsing.

The rules of conduct for using the Internet

You agree to the responsibility of your own use of our portal, any content you upload, and any communication with other users and your user’s publications (including everything that you or other users send or post on our portal, including but not limited to notes, questions, comments and clips Video and all the files you carry). You also agree to use our portal in compliance with these terms and all local, national and international laws, and regulations, in addition to copyright and technical data transfer laws issued by your country of residence.

You undertake to comply with your use or contribution to these standards, to us and to compensate us for any breach of your terms. This means that you are fully responsible for compensating for damages resulting from your breach of these conditions.

Everything you upload to our portal and your content is not confidential. You will retain all property rights to your property, after you and other users of our portal have been granted limited permission to use, store, copy, publish and make this content available to third parties. You will find below a description of the powers you give us.

You may not use our portal to transmit or sell any unauthorized, granted, promotional or other forms of promotional (spam).

We have the right to disclose your identity to any third party or legal or governmental authorities that claim that any content you post or upload violates intellectual property rights or privacy rights or applicable law.

We are not responsible for the accuracy of the content used by you or by any third party of our portal.

You agree not to collect or download many parts of our content, including but not limited to a list of users of the system, electronic sources, user posts or information.

We have the right to delete any of your posts on our portal if they do not comply with our terms.

The opinions of the users of our portal do not express our opinions and do not represent our values.

Content standards

These criteria apply to any and all materials you share on our portal (which will be referred to as “posts”) and to any interactive services related to them.

You must comply with the text and content of the following criteria applicable to your entirety or some of your posts.

You must meet the following conditions:

  1. Accuracy (when stating facts)
  2. Held on the basis of honesty and sincerity (when opinions are mentioned)
  3. Subject to the law applicable in Saudi Arabia and in any country from which it is published.

Interactive services

We may provide interactive services on our portal from time to time, such as:

  1. Teleworks courses
  2. Conversation rooms
  3. Billboards
  4. Discussion forums

which will then collectively be referred to as “interactive services.”

When we launch any interactive service, you will be provided with clear information about the quality of the service provided if it is in any form of monitoring being followed (including whether it is human or technical).

We will strive to assess the various potential risks to users (and children specifically) from third parties while using our interactive services, and we will decide for each case whether it is appropriate to monitor them (including the type of surveillance to be used) in light of these risks. However, we are not obliged to supervise, monitor or review any interactive service on our portal. The responsibility is expressly excluded from any loss or damage resulting from the use of any interactive service by the user in violation of content standards, whether the interactive service is monitored or not.

The use of our interactive services by minors is subject to the consent of parents or legal guardians, and parents are advised on the importance of communicating with their children to ensure the proper use of the Internet, surveillance is not a guaranteed means, so it is necessary to make awareness of the potential risks of the interactive service. .

Once the interactive service monitoring is activated, you will be provided with the means of communicating with the controller in case you experience any difficulties related to the service or its content.

User posts

Pledges and guarantees of user posts.

When you publish and distribute your posts as a user, you confirm, pledge and guarantee

 (1) your enjoyment of the necessary rights, licenses, powers and/or approvals to reproduce and publish user posts, and to authorize us to authorize and authorize users of our portal to reproduce, modify, publish, use and distribute your posts in a manner consistent with the licenses. Granted by your side below

 (2) your posting of your posts or the use of the licenses granted to you below does not contradict the rights of any of the other parties. You are solely responsible for your posts and all the consequences

(3) when you enter and register as a user you submit to the telework program and your submission indicates that you are a telework job seeker

(4) when you use the portal you acknowledge that you are fully informed that all the jobs posts offered on the portal are only teleworking.

Disclaimer for user posts.

When you use our portal, you are aware that you have shared posts from multiple users and from different sources, and that we and other users are not responsible for the accuracy, usefulness and reliability of these posts or their intellectual property rights. It also recognizes and acknowledges that you may look at users’ inaccurate, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, indecent or disgraceful publications, and agree to waive, and under this document, For any legal or fair rights or actions you have taken or will take against us. We do not endorse any user posts or any opinion, recommendation or advice expressed in them. We are not obliged to monitor any other posts and contacts through our portal.

However, we have the right to access user posts and to rely on our absolute discretion to edit or delete any post at any time and for any reason in whole or in part. This is not limited to the above, when you receive a notification from a user or content owner who claims that a post is not subject to the terms of use, we will be entitled to investigate what has been claimed and report at our sole discretion whether the user post should be deleted, and it is a right we keep implementing at any time and without prior notice.

Grant authority

By publishing and distributing your services, you grant us a global, non-exclusive, transferable, waiver and sub-license license, fully paid, fee-free, permanent, non-inoperable or terminatable to own, transfer, display, re-produce, modify, distribute, redistribute, reauthorize, use and provide, And to exploit your shares in part or in any form and through any of the media and through any of their channels (which is Existing or being developed later).

Give authority to other users.

By publishing and distributing your services or shares, you give all users of the portal non-exclusive access to and use of your private posts and use them for their own purposes.


We do not guarantee that our portal will be safe or free of errors or viruses.

You are responsible for adjusting your technological information, software and computer systems in order to access our portal and use your antivirus software.

Misuse of our portal is intentionally prohibited from entering all types of viruses without exception, and attempts at unauthorized access, the server on which our portal is stored, or any other server, computer, or database related to our portal. Attacking or deploying our portal is prohibited from attacking or deploying these services. We will report any attempt to violate these terms to the relevant legal authorities, cooperate with them and disclose your identity. In the event of such violations, you will be denied the right to use our portal immediately.

Link to our portal

  1. You have the right to link to our homepage, taking into account doing so in a fair and legal manner that does not harm or misuse the reputation of our portal.
  2. This linkage should not be interpreted as a form of partnership or consent in a way that suggests any form of our participation or consent when there is no such thing.
  3. It is forbidden to link our portal to any portal that is not yours.
  4. None of the content of our portal should be posted on any other portal, nor may you create a link to any part of our portal except the home page.
  5. We have the right to withdraw your connection license without prior notice.
  6. The portal that is linked to our portal includes all the content standards set out in these terms.

If you would like to use our portal other than the above, please contact us at support@teleworks.sa

Links and sources of other parties on our portal

Our portal contains links to other portals and sources provided by third parties, your use of these links is limited to read only.

We do not have control over the content of these portals or sources.


 You agree to secure, compensate and defend Takamol Business Services Holding, our subsidiary and subsidiary companies[Sa1] [Sa2] , officials, board members, agents and employees from and against the claims, actions or claims of other parties resulting from or associated with your use of our portal in any way, including any responsibilities. Or expenses resulting from all or some of the claims, losses, damages (actual and consequential), lawsuits, judgments, litigation costs and lawyers’ fees in each case, in which case we will provide you with a written notice of this claim, case or procedure.

Comment and end

At our absolute discretion, it will be determined whether there is a breach of these terms while you use our portal. When it’s done.

In violation of these conditions, the action we deem appropriate will be taken:

  1. Immediate, temporary or permanent suspension of your right to use our portal.
  2. Immediate, temporary or permanent deletion of any of the posts or materials you upload to our portal.
  3. Issuing a warning to you.
  4. To carry out legal proceedings against you to bear all costs of compensation (including, but not limited to administrative and legal costs) resulting from the breach.
  5. Take additional legal action against you.
  6. Disclosure of information to the responsible judicial authorities that we believe is necessary.

We disclaim our responsibility for the procedures followed as a result of breaches of the terms of use. These procedures are not limited to what is stated under the terms, but we have the right to take any further action that we deem appropriate within the acceptable limits.

The applicable law

Saudi law governs these terms of use, subject matter and composition (and any non-contractual disputes or claims). We both agree that the courts of Saudi Arabia have the exclusive jurisdiction.


[Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development] and [Takamol Business Services Holding] and [Telework Program] are all trademarks not owned by us and appear on our portal are the property of their respective owners. Intent, to claim or suggest, according to the sole and absolute opinion of the owner of the brand concerned, or to suggest in terms of appearance or give the impression of a relationship with or support to you by these institutions.

Our portal does not include what must be interpreted as implicitly, a judgment or otherwise any license or right to use any of the trademarks displayed on the portal without the written permission of the owner of the trademark in question.

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